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Retrofitting Homes for Electrification and Decarbonization

Pathways to a Zero Net Energy Home | Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Pathways to a Zero Net Energy Home

Selling Heat Pumps for HVAC Retrofits System Efficiencies, Costs, and Why They’re Ideal for California

Ductless Mini Split Design, Installation, & Performance

Overcoming Installation Challenges for Heat Pumps in HVAC Retrofits

Implementing Heat Pumps Water Heaters in Replacement Scenarios: Why They Make Sense

BayREN Heat Pump Water Heaters for Contractors

Overcoming Installation Challenges for Heat Pump Water Heater Retrofits

Electric Heat Pumps for Space Heating and Cooling

Air Sealing and Insulating Existing Homes: Interpreting and Prioritizing Infrared and Blower Door Results

A 4 hour course using real-world examples to convey how to address a variety of complex continuity issues. This course covers many opportunities available for reducing the air exchange rate by creating continuity in the ceiling assembly.

Electrification Workshop: Heat Pump Heating and Cooling

Estimators and installers, including DIY homeowners, take on additional risk when they fail to identify and remediate hazards found in energy efficiency projects. This two-hour course provides an overview of these hazards and offers ways mitigate them ...

This session offers practical strategies for safely managing recessed fixtures in successful attic upgrades. Understand the different types of recessed fixtures and approaches for creating continuous air and thermal barriers at recessed fixtures in ...

Steve Easley will use pictures from real-world installations to illustrate the do’s and don’ts of building affordable high-performance attics and roof assemblies. This class evaluates insulation systems options to best match the building type and ...

The work scope is the bridge to selling more comprehensive upgrades based on meeting specific outcomes. Guided by a whole-house approach, Balance Point Home Performance co-founder Gavin Healy will show how to develop an outcome-based work scope that ...

This two-hour course will help participants evaluate the impact of supply and exhaust vent terminations on the building enclosure. This session covers strategies for updating terminations to improve airtightness, ventilation efficacy, and building ...

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