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2019 Title 24, Part 6 Essentials — Residential Standards: Mechanical Systems

Tuesday, August 16, 2022


This highly interactive online workshop gives participants a chance to work individually and in teams to do a deep dive on key residential mechanical systems and features in the context of compliance with Title 24, Part 6 (California’s Building Energy Efficiency Standards or Energy Code), as well as client goals and preferences. Participants have an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of alternative approaches and selecting the approach that makes best sense while meeting the Energy Code and achieving reduced carbon emissions and increased energy efficiency. Specific topics explored include methods for improving energy performance of mixed fuel and all electric HVAC systems, when and how alternative HVAC systems (evaporative cooling, ductless mini-split, radiant in-floor, heat pump) make the best sense for a given project, the pros, cons and considerations of three whole-house ventilation strategies and considerations for alternative residential water heating systems.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Heat Pumps
Energy Efficiency
Air Sealing
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