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ACCA Manual D Part 1, Duct Design

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM) (PST)
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ACCA Manual D Part 1, Duct Design

This full day webinar focuses on the principles involved in designing residential duct work. A practice session is included where attendees sketch a duct design based on the floor plan from the Manual J/S developed in the first session, ACCA Dry Climate Manual J and S, with Wrightsoft.

The material is designed for HVAC contractors, designers, energy consultants and anyone interested in determining building loads.

During the day long session, duct design concepts such as location of registers, the effect of supplies and returns on each other, along with a discussion and explanation of terms like Coanda effect, terminal velocity, throw, spread and NC (Noise Criteria). ACCA Manual T principles that impact California Code and customer comfort are reviewed.

Other terms that are covered and explained; external static pressure, blower static pressure/flow tables, total equivalent length, total effective length, and friction rate. The plan and equipment selected in day one will be used as a basis for sketches, showing a sample layout and fitting selection prepared by attendees in a practice session. 

Appendices from ACCA Manual D will be used as the source for determining equivalent lengths of ductwork. Also reviewed and discussed will be register placement and selection. A catalog from a register manufacturer is used as the various design elements of throw, terminal velocity, and spread are explained and demonstrated as part of the design.


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