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ACCA Manual D Part 2, Duct Design with WrightSoft

Wednesday, March 9, 2022


This full day webinar reviews the basic principles involved in designing residential duct work. The Wrightsoft floor plan developed on day one in Wrightsoft is used in this duct design session. The set-up of Wrightsoft to match best practices is covered and a portion of the presentation is a practical session demonstrating the process of selecting registers. A sample register schedule is reviewed and explained. The material is designed for HVAC contractors, Designers, building departments, plans examiners and energy consultants and anyone interested in determining building loads. The session begins with a brief review of the elements discussed on the previous two days. As the session progresses the equipment that was selected on day one is input into the Wrightsoft program. Design external static pressure is input, as well as the pressure drops from registers, grilles, balancing dampers and filters. The effect of filters on airflow and static pressure is discussed and the importance of designing larger returns and deeper filter boxes is explained and illustrated. "The attendee inputs their practice sketch into Wrightsoft and one of the student’s design is reviewed along with the friction rates and duct sizes. As the day progresses more advanced issues are covered such as entering second floors, vaulted ceilings, cantilever floors are included in the Wrightsoft exercise." "Attendees are encouraged to have their downloaded handouts ready and available from previous sessions to review the various charts and tables required in the design process.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Energy Efficiency
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