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Basic Excel for Energy Professionals

Friday, September 30, 2022


This Excel training is designed to teach building professionals on the use of this valuable spreadsheet software. We will spend the bulk of the class on the following topics: navigation in excel, key-pad short cuts, formatting data, creating graphs, calculations (formulas), filters, sorting and data management best practices. The graphs created will include pie, bar, line, scatter, Gantt and surface plots. We will use sample data sets from actual buildings to demonstrate real-world excel applications typical of energy auditing, building commissioning and measurement & verification activities. At the end of the day we will look at some of the more advanced capabilities of the software, including regressions, pivot tables, and recorded macros. A smart meter data example will be used to demonstrate the "look-up" function, pivot tables and regressions. While this training was designed for people that have taken the Pacific Energy Center's 3-day energy audits training but do not have enough familiarity with Excel to participate in the follow-up Audit Skills class, the training is appropriate for anyone wishing to improve their excel skills including novice excel users. This training will be offered at a very basic level and is not recommended for anyone proficient with advanced Excel functionality (if you've written excel macros, this class is too basic for you). The class will be taught primarily using excel 2021, but earlier versions of excel will also work for this training. Example excel files will be posted at a website for download in advance of the training date.

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Friday, September 30, 2022
Energy Efficiency
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