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Variable Capacity Heat Pumps

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 (8:00 AM - 9:30 AM) (PDT)
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Variable Capacity Heat Pumps

technical training focused on variable capacity heat pumps and how they are the ideal system to replace existing gas wall furnaces found in many residences. Many single family homes and apartments use single zone gas wall furnaces for heating. Gas wall furnaces are inefficient with AFUE ratings of 64% for typical existing equipment, and can contribute to poor indoor air quality. These qualities make them ideal candidates for replacement with a variable capacity heat pump, such as a ductless mini split. Heat pumps can also offer improved comfort and provide the added benefit of providing cooling. Therefore, eliminating the need to purchase and maintain two pieces of equipment for space conditioning. This training outlines the steps to successfully remove gas wall furnaces and install variable capacity heat pumps to accommodate the heating load and add cooling. The audience will learn about customer benefits and key design and equipment considerations needed for a comfortable, and efficient system. We’ll also examine a successful project. The audience will hear from Ken Johnson, Senior Manager for Mitsubishi Electric’s Performance Construction team. Ken works with architects, energy consultants, MEP’s, HVAC contractors, and builders to improve the efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality of new homes. Attendees will also hear from Gary Francis, Regional Sales Manager for Mitsubishi Electric. The session will include information about related regional initiatives and incentives and a mix of manufacturer-neutral and specific market solutions.


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TRC Energy Services (formerly HMG)
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